March is Advertising Madness

Cowley Associates March Madness
Mar 19th, 2014

By Zachary Clark, Account Coordinator

Topic(s) Covered: Advertising

Some will say that March is one of the greatest months of the year. They will attribute that fact to the phenomenon known as March Madness or in laymen’s terms, the NCAA Basketball Tournament. We all love the brackets and filling them out only to see that one person who never watches basketball win the office pool.

But, what we love, as an advertising agency, is the huge influx of marketing that takes place during the three-week period in and around this tournament. We see brands jump on the basketball bandwagon and tailor their marketing towards a sports-related theme. Much like the Super Bowl, organizations and brands try to capitalize on an event that will be in the national spotlight and has the attention of millions.

Local or regional brands should also be hopping on the March Madness train. Events like this tournament are a unique opportunity for companies to make a statement and capitalize on the attention something like the tournament receives. It only takes one piece of content to go viral and be in front of a responsive audience.

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