Merry Christmas from Cowley Associates

By Paul Cowley, Founder, CEO, & Creative Director

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone!

I just wanted to sit down and write a note to thank all our clients, suppliers, and friends who helped make 2012 a great year at Cowley.

We Have So Much to Be Thankful For

While we have so much to be thankful for, the year has not been without its challenges, especially in light of last week’s tragedy in Connecticut. Twenty-six people are no longer with us, and no one is quite sure why, which is a tragedy in and of itself.

Six adults and twenty young ones will no longer be spending time with family and friends.  How sad for all of them.  So let’s stand up, take heart, and honor all those lost and their families.

Newtown FlowersHow Blessed We Are

Let’s realize how blessed we are to be able to hold the hand of our love ones, young or old; sit with them and talk; answer their silly questions; laugh with them over spilled milk; ride with them in the car; go grocery shopping; and all the everyday things that make this thing we call life, life.

Let’s take time to notice how precious our lives are and how easy things can change, just like that.

Live and Love In the Moment

Let’s live and love in the moment.  Why?  Because they now can’t, and now we must.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!



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