The Presentation Resources Center

By Zachary Clark, Account Coordinator

I am so excited to launch the Presentation Resources Center, something we’ve been working on here at Cowley over the past weeks. The PRC is a collection of PowerPoint Templates/Themes, How To’s, and Resources that anyone can use to make their next presentation they give, their best ever.

We built this huge source of information and downloadable content to give visitors a chance to bolster their presentations and make a bigger impact on the audiences they’re delivering to. We want everyone to have the knowledge and skillset they need to go into their next meeting, sales pitch, or wherever, and give a highly effective presentation. 

The Presentation Resources Center is based around three components: Template/Themes, How To’s, and Resources.

The Templates/Themes section is a collection of PowerPoint templates we custom built for anyone to download and use in their next presentation. There’s a variety to fit the taste and preference for several different occasions. To start, we built 5 templates, but we’ll be adding to it as time goes on so there are new, fresh themes for people to choose from.

With How To’s, we take you through some different aspects of PowerPoint that can be beneficial when making a presentation. We even included an immerse experience titled, “How to Effective Engage Your Audience.” This experience goes through the 6 things you need to really get your audience to take in everything you’re saying. It’s something we thought a lot about and wanted to provide so anyone can really captivate those they’re presenting to. The How To’s is a place that will also be updated in the future and anyone has the ability to contact us and request a How To if they want to learn something more than what is there already.

The third aspect, Resources, is a collection of links we put together that has images, graphics, pictures, and more for anyone to look at and use for their next presentation. Good, free images are always the hardest to find, so we put the best resources in one place. We’ll be adding to that list as well when we find more.

Please check out our latest creation, the Presentation Resources Center, share it with your friends, and feel free to reach out if you’d like us to add a specific How To or adjust a template. You can also share your best Templates, How To’s, and Resources with the hashtag, #PresentationResources, and we’ll share what you have. Thank you and enjoy!

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