Thanksgiving (Thanks For Giving)

By Paul Cowley, Founder, CEO, & Creative Director

I don’t think about this enough I know, but when I do I am just amazed.

Just yesterday I was in Tops with Gail doing our weekly grocery shopping, which – if you think about it – is, in and of itself, something to be thankful for.  Some people in our community can’t even do that, especially now with government cutbacks being talked about.

Well back to my story, I was waiting for my turn at meat counter to get my regular order of store-roasted turkey. I’m on a high protein diet these days.

Anyway this guy in a wheelchair comes rolling by pushing a large shopping cart. Nice looking young man but by the expression on his face he was clearly frustrated. He managed the cart alright, in spite of the fact the cart was way too tall for him to handle gracefully. I felt for him.

I then noticed all the legs walking with ease. Young and old alike giving no thought to how cool it was to truck up and down those store aisles, checking out all the yummy goodies on that crispy Sunday afternoon. Not a thought.

Legs that work: I’m thankful for them and if you’ve got them you should be too. That guy in the chair – I bet he wishes he was you. Something to think about right?

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Cowley Associates.

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