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Aug 30th, 2016

By Paul Cowley, Founder, President, & Creative Director

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Back in the day there was a newspaper reporter who was given an assignment to write a story about what it’s like to work day after day cutting stone from a granite quarry. The first couple of men he spoke with didn’t really go that well; after asking the question, “What are you doing?” The miner replied “What the heck does it look like I’m doing?” It went like that for a while until he came across this one guy that was whistling while he worked. As he approached the worker, he was greeted with a friendly smile. Encouraged, the reported asked “What are you doing?” The man quickly answered with a confident smile, “I’m building a cathedral!”

The moral of the story is that most employees are working in a vacuum. To quote that great line from the Paul Newman film, Cool Hand Luke, “What we have here is a failure to communicate”. Amazingly this problem still goes on. The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way. Organizations today have advantages that can combat this problem, and go a long way to create happy, productive team members. At Cowley we call it Brand Casting SM through the use of digital signage.

Let me share some facts about Cowley Brand CastingSM  through digital signage.

Brand CastingSM for employee engagement, morale building and awareness.

  • 50% of companies are using digital signage to enhance internal communications
  • Only 25% of business leaders have an employee engagement strategy
  • Companies who actively engage their employees average 2.69 sick days per employee annually. While companies who don’t attempt to engage their employees, average 6.19 sick days per employee annually.
  • Companies with informed employees have a 6% higher net profit margin
  • By having announcements and current news on these screens it limits the employees need to check their own phones leading to enhanced productivity
  • Engaged employees out perform those who are not engaged by 20%
  • Employees that feel valued and involved are more likely to believe in their organizations and will work to make things better
  • Open communication empowers employees
  • Helps revitalize atmosphere to a fun and exciting place and can also be used to recognize achievement


You have the opportunity to improve your overall business by investing in communicating to your employees. Interested? Let’s talk! 

About The Author

Paul's genius is to see the connections, relationships and meanings that others miss, and then weave them into breathtaking creative strategies and graphic design concepts. Nothing short of an alchemist, Paul routinely blows us away. As a pioneer of forward thinking at the agency, he routinely challenges us to think of fresh, contemporary ways to position our client's messages to reach their intended audiences. Paul's work has garnered myriad awards during his 35+ years in advertising and he is committed to bringing that level of quality to each client's vision.

Paul Cowley - Founder, President, & Creative Director

Paul Cowley

Founder, President, & Creative Director

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