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Every Cowley Associates website design is custom to each client we work with to accurately reflect your organization. We build our websites to look visually beautiful and in ways that inspires consumer trust. A Cowley web design will also:

  • Provide all the functionality you need to achieve your online goals. Including a responsive, mobile friendly design.
  • Be initially optimized for search engines to help you jumpstart any SEO you do.
  • Contain strong call to actions and makes it simple for potential customers to take the next step by contacting you or making a purchase.
  • Be easy for you or employees to update in a style consistent with the rest of the website.

We never use a template and no two websites are ever the same. If you’d like to get started on improving your website, contact us today! Our team here in Syracuse, NY have helped dozens of companies enhance their image and grow their online web presence.

Our Website Design & Development Process:

Step 1: Discovery

We like to look at things objectively and take a 50,000 foot vertical view of how a website functions. We first talk with our clients about their current website. What they like; what they don’t like; what they wish it would do. We find their pain points so we can provide a custom solution to solve them. During our discovery, we also talk about their customers and audiences. Who comes to the site? Who are its users? We create a profile of each audience and use that as we continue on with organization, design, and development. Also, our copywriter will perform a copy audit of the current website to account for what copy is already present and what needs to be created in accordance with the site map.

One of the most important things we do for our clients is guide them. We ask the appropriate questions so we can get the insights we need to build a successful marketing and communications tool. The client is the expert about their business and customer, and by engaging with us through the discovery process, we are able to pinpoint their needs and their goals.

Step 2: Site Map/Copy Audit

Once we’ve determined the audiences, key messages, and objectives, we move into creating a site map. This document is a hierarchal flow chart showing the content organization on the website. We determine main and secondary navigation items and the content that goes within each section. This allows us to have a clear direction of the flow, content, and layout the website will have.

Step 3: Design

After a site map has been approved, we then move into design. This is where the look and feel of the site begins to take shape. If a current brand image is in place, we will be sure to uphold it and any graphic standards that accompany it. Our graphic designer is meticulous about image choices, graphics, fonts, placement, and builds each site from a new, fresh perspective. We design every website to be unique and never use a template. Our designer is an expert in web design best practices and methodology, and works hand-in-hand with our programmer to ensure an easy-to-use Drupal layout.

The home page design options are then presented to the client where they provide us their feedback and revisions, if any. Once approved, we then move into the next two steps, which are performed jointly.

Step 4: Copywriting/Keyword Research

With an approved design, programming and copywriting begin. We will review the copy audit and recommend a content strategy moving forward. The client has the option to either provide copy for the sections, or provide some direction that allows us to write it.

During this time, we also do keyword research through Google AdWords to find the most relevant keywords to use in the copy for the best possible organic SEO. The agreed upon keywords are then applied to the present copy where applicable and also the copy to be written.

The client will review and approve the revised and new copy for inclusion on the site.

Step 5: Programming

Using the approved design, our programmer gets to work setting up the framework and modules of a Drupal CMS website. He’ll begin to apply the necessary coding and adjustments to make the website mirror the approved design.

The programmer will also create secondary pages in accordance to the theme of the home page. He’ll often consult the designer to ensure that everything is in accordance with the design and looks visually consistent.

After a bulk of the programming has been completed, we provide a live link to the client so they can see the progress and provide feedback about the progress. We continue to make adjustments and refinements to the website until everything is complete and all the pages have been created.

As a team, we thoroughly go through the site, completing basic testing, reviewing copy, and ensuring everything performs as it should. With final client approval, we then go into the final steps.

Step 6: Training

Training the client on how to use their new website happens before launch. A standard training session lasts about an hour where we sit with the client and explain to them how to add and edit content as needed. Our programmer is always available to answer questions before, during, and after the training session to ensure that the client is fully comfortable with their website and how it functions.

Step 7: Launch

After the completed website has been approved, we move forward with the site’s launch. Our programmer will use existing or newly created FTP and hosting information to complete the process using the client’s domain name.

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