Client Spotlight: How We Inspired Consumers to Think Tanks

By Zachary Clark, Marketing Intern

Over the past few months, Cowley Associates had the pleasure of working with Roth Industries. And, now, we have the pleasure of reporting the exceptional results of the campaign we created for them.

Pulling In Sales for Roth Industries

We designed a pull strategy with the goal of improving sales for Roth. Wait, what's a pull strategy? It's a marketing campaign aimed at increasing the demand for a particular product to the point that consumers begin to seek this product from their usual sales channels. To put it simply: we wanted consumers to start asking installers for the Roth Double-Wall Heating Oil Storage Tank. On one hand, our job here was easy. Roth tanks genuinely are the best tanks on the market. They are superbly rust resistant and come with a 30-year warranty to cover up to-$2 million in damages. The only challenge was figuring out how to get that information to those consumers most likely to act on it.

It turned out lots of people needed new storage tanks and were already searching for information online. Our job was to ensure those people saw Roth's information first, that the content they encountered was convincing, and to allow them to easily take the next step of getting in touch with an installer.

We created a product websiteloaded with tank benefits, added an installer locator tool, and optimized the site for search engines to ensure it would be found by the right people. How did the strategy work? Brilliantly! After only a few months, the site:

  • received more than 4,000 highly targeted and qualified visitors – that's more than 1,200 per month.
  • produced a 24.5% conversion rate, meaning a quarter of those 4,000+ visitors took the next step to find an installer in their area.
  • shows up on the first page of Google's search results for 'oil storage tanks.'
  • Needless to say, Roth is extremely happy with the results and we are now expanding this campaign to target even more consumers.

Do you have product that could benefit from this type of campaign? Give us a call. After all, when attempting a highly targeted pull strategy like this one, it's usually best to get the help of a qualified and experienced agency. Because, let's face it: without the proper execution your pull strategy will, well…tank

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