Cowley Presents Our Latest Web Videos

By Chris MacSaveny, Web Developer

We have gathered a few of our latest web videos and packaged them up in this short, one and a half minute VideoKix. Please watch and tell us what you think below!

What is a VideoKix?

A VideoKix is an online video power tool designed by Cowley Associates. This 1-2 minute video will exist online and tell the story of your company, cause, or product in an entertaining and compelling way. Watch the intro to VideoKix here!

How can I use VideoKix?

One of the most popular ways to use your new VideoKix is in a targeted email campaign. A series of emails are sent to potential leads with a personal url directing them to visit a microsite, customized just for them! As soon as someone clicks the link and visits their site, you will instantly receive their information and you will know that they have seen your message.

Another popular way is to feature your VideoKix on the homepage of your existing site. Instead of describing your product or service by using a block of text, you can instantly engage and inform your customers through the magic of VideoKix!

Can I See More Examples?

Sure! I'm glad you asked. A number of our latest VideoKix can be seen in our portfolio.

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