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Oct 24th, 2012

By Gail Cowley, Executive VP

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Recently our Executive VP, Gail Cowley, attended the first ever LearnVest Live event, a conference designed by LearnVest.com, a growing online company founded to help people take control of their finances. Gail and Paul’s son, Jon, and his wife Tiffany both hold prominent positions in the company: Jon as Head of the Product Team and Tiffany as Creative Director.

Last week I was in NYC for the first ever LearnVest Live event: an evening dedicated to Lifestyle and Money advice.


The minute I walked into the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan, I could feel the energy and electricity of the over 700 people who attended. The evening began with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres and milling around meeting all sorts of interesting people. As we were all asked to take a seat, Alexa von Tobel, former Morgan Stanley trader, founder and CEO of LearnVest, came on stage to introduce the session, giving an inspiring talk on how money conversations are quite taboo even though everyone is so affected by finances.


After her introduction Alexa introduced a woman who gave an testimony on how she was able to get her finances on track and was able to start saving and even investing. Following the testimony were the breakout sessions. I attended two: one was with the fashion designer Cynthia Rowley talking about The Ten Items Every Woman Should Invest In and the other was called Love and Money, a session on how to talk to your partner about money and how to start conversations to set future goals. Among the other speakers and industry leaders were Top Chef Judge, Gail Simmons; and Marie Claire Editor and Project Runway Mentor, Joanna Coles.


The big giveaway for everyone who attended was an online budget starter plan and a personal dialogue with a financial planner.

Overall, one of the big things I was hearing was that people felt it was attainable to get a handle on their finances and take control of their money management. What a freedom that everybody needs today! I'm really looking forward to the next LV Live event!

For more information on LearnVest, visit their website @ www.learnvest.com.

Alexa von Tobel, founder and CEO of LearnVest
Automated greeter at LearnVest Live!
Speaker at the LearnVest Live! event
LearnVest Live! interview
The LearnVest Team
Our son Jon in NYC.

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