How to Write a Blog Post

By Joe Cunningham, Internet Marketing Manager

I’ve been killing a lot of birds lately, and by that I mean I have not been physically killing birds, but I’ve got that whole “with one stone” thing going on like there’s no tomorrow.

Anyway, I was asked to write up a few tips on “what we are looking for in writing a blog,” which sounded to me like an excellent blog post for today, so “Here.  We.  Go!” – The Joker, Dark Knight  (Neither the first, nor last time I will use that reference.)

Tips on How to Write a Blog Post


Intro, Body, Closing.  Every piece of writing has one, whether you like it or not.  Even the absence of one is one, but that’s another class.  Just make yours awesome.

The intro should be catchy (you’ve got to make them read the whole damn thing).

The body should be interesting.  Note: a lot of my blogs are “tips on how to” and read like lists; but I don’t do that all the time.  Change it up and write some meaty blogs as well.

The body is where the real content is.  “Content is King!” to quote an “as old as SEO is” adage.  Make it count.

The closing should end with a “bang!”  You’ve got to be memorable and take a bow.  You just do.

I almost always bubble graph my ideas into these 3 areas before I type anything.  After that I just fly.  It’s like setting up a runway and coming in for a landing.  (“Nice metaphor.”  Thanks!  I’m not skitzo or anything.)


I am using two types of them right now, like parts and chapters in a book.  Headings visually break up blocks of text so readers can scan it more easily for key information as they read.  Search engines like them too.  Use them.

Which leads me to…

The Art of Readable Writing

Met an avid reader/writer once who clued me in on this.  Since the attention spans of most in this fast-info age has gone down to somewhere between 1.258 and 1.259 seconds per thought (lost you already didn’t I?), you can’t just write huge chunky paragraphs, believe it or not.  Mid-sized chunks in between short choppy paragraphs put the reader at ease and make it easy for people to actually enjoy reading it.

Sad, isn’t it?  But true.  Don’t do it?  Get no readers.  End of story.

I.D. Your Tone Based on Audience and Biz

That really speaks for itself.  For Cowley, I can blog rather freely.  I don’t swear (usually), I keep it fun (as much as I can), but do keep a business edge to everything.  My readers are still wearing ties or tights when they read this stuff.  Duly noted.  I’m trying to get good content across about marketing while making it a fun read.

Heath LedgerYour business is different from all others.  Clearly identify your audience and your goal for the blog, and you will find your tone comes naturally.

I like to be sarcastic and fun, in case you haven’t noticed.  I like to reference movies to make it interesting.  It works well for this blog.  It may not for yours.  I’m not kidding.

Use Keywords

Search engines love blogs because they increase the website’s keyword relevance to a topic.  But what keywords do you want in there?  Number one, don’t spam your keywords in.  Google hates that.  Too many, artificially never works – not for the reader, nor for Google.

Where do you get those keywords?  Check Google AdWords or ask your SEO professional today (hint, hint – haha!).

Add Links

Don’t add too many, but linking to other blogs, your previous blog posts, or other pages on your website enhance the blog reader’s experience.  It’s definitely unlike reading anything else.  In no magazine, book, or newspaper can you provide immediately readable references to complete enhancement info.  What a gift!  Use it.


Ideally, 200-800 words.  Google likes that, so do readers.  When was the last time you wanted to read less or more than that in a blog?  Exactly.  From time to time, you break that rule; don’t sweat it.  It’s a guideline anyway, said the kid to his mom.

Blog Often and Share to Social Media

This has nothing to do with shaping the content; but shape it often.  An active blog gets more SEO, more readers, and right now we are concerned with the fact that it makes you a better blogger.  Practice makes perfect.  You will get the form down if you “just do it” (thee most repeated line in my writing).

For More Info

I’ve written a lot about “Blogging” in our “Blogging” topic in our blog.  (Say “blog” again Joe…!)  Here’s a link for you to peruse those tips.

And I’ve given this tip before: read ZITEZITE is thee best app on my iPhone: it collects the best, most recent blogs into categories you create so you can stay up-to-date in the minute.  As you scroll through your choices of blog posts to read, analyze what makes you skip or click on them, what makes you love or hate a blog post, and what works or doesn’t.  Absorb the styles you like, and then imitate them – simple as that.

You will thank me.


If you have other tips, please add them below.  A blogger loves comments, probably more than likes and shares.

And happy blogging.  I certainly love doing it.  Makes me come into work in the morning.  That and the money.

Need a professional blogger (i.e. don’t want to go through all that yourself)?  We are here for you.  Call/contact us today.  We do that.



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