Looking for Meaning in the Information Age

Times Square

I recently read an article my VP forwarded to me from Barna.org.  It couldn’t have come at a better time.  Today was literally one of the busiest in a while and the site was talking about how for most, life is becoming “more hectic” as technology advances and information increases.

You could say that again.

The Stats

Approximately 70% of those polled, according to Barna, said life was getting more hectic.  Near 90% of them said they were looking for sources to live more meaningful lives.

Looking for Meaning

Though originally this thought was to fabricate a connection between this post and what I actually do – internet marketing – the point is a valid one.

Have you ever been bombarded with social media and felt a burnout of “Look at the burger I had today,” “I’m feeling sick after last night. LOL,” or, “Just got up [2:45PM] today is gonna suck”; and you are ready to throw your laptop out the window?  And then there’s that post from that good dude that says something like: “There is a storm before every calm,” or, on LinkedIn, [from a CEO] “I made it to where I am because I stayed up later than everyone else.”  Okay, not the best examples, but a little more inspiring than the “getting out of bed” drama aforementioned.

There are the songs and videos people post that “raise you up,” and then there is the meaning behind it all.

Finding It

We live in a world with many opinions and spiritualties.  I’m not about to proselytize mine.  I’m not a fan of that.  I prefer just to try to live it, and if I do something right, all the better for those who notice.  Not looking for that though.  Not perfect – no one is.

I think everyone, whether they admit it or not – is looking for that meaning.  Life can’t just be waking up and going to bed and the thousand things in between.  There must be something more.

I invite you to stop today – how about right now – for a minute, and just think about that.  “What’s the meaning to all of this and what’s it worth to me to find out?”

I once wrote a short story in high school that I was particularly proud of.  It’s a fiction but it was based on an elderly woman I know who “lived the width of life.”  It was called “Mrs. Geroso’s Secret” and it showed how she did everything with a vivacious spirit, living the “width” and not just the “breadth” of life.  After reflecting on and writing that, I resolved to do the same with my life.

On the waterfrontIt’s a frustrating journey, trying to find your “meaning.”  He[ck], you might even have to go through it several times.  I know I did.  Don’t give up.  As a matter of fact, a good friend of mine once said, “Seek and you will find.”

“And that has made all the difference.” – R. Frost

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