The Managers Guide to Google Analytics

Managers Guide to Google Analytics Cowley Associates
Jul 02nd, 2014

By Zachary Clark, Account Coordinator

Topic(s) Covered: Internet Marketing

We recently published an eBook, Google Analytics for Managers, to help people who don’t quite understand what Google Analytics is get a grasp of its basic concepts. While an eBook is great and you can read it and learn, but what about when you forget something and you don’t really have time to go dig up that eBook to go look up the information?

Well, that’s why we created a mobile web application, The Managers Guide to Google Analytics, just for that problem. A mobile web app is basically a website that is formatted to use just from your phone. Although we created it to fit both a desktop and mobile device, the best experience is when viewed from your phone.

All you have to do is go to from your mobile device to use the web app. It has all of the information that is in the eBook, but in a mobile-friendly way so you can always have it to use. Lets face it, we always have our phones with us and what better way to access information then from something that’s on the phone you’re looking at all of the time? 

Be sure to save it to your home screen for one-touch access wherever you are!

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