Message for the New Year from Paul 2014

By Paul Cowley, Founder, CEO, & Creative Director

Thirty-Nine years! We began so small – and awkward. We took baby steps, sometimes more backward than forward: in fits and starts we learned our business. Now we are 39 years successful with that much experience and can-do.

Now, we look around and see, fourteen thousand, two hundred thirty-five days later it’s suddenly the year two thousand and fourteen! It hits me that I’m just reading an Orwellian novel. 2014 indeed! Can it be?

Thirty-nine years are under our belt. For 39 years I’ve been saying this to my clients and friends, and here I go again – “Happy New Year!”

Along with you, we suffered during the terrible recession. But like you, we’re still here: more experienced, stronger, and riding a growing wave of renewing relationships and new business.

Personally, I would love to get to work with your company. You’ll soon see a Cowley ad with a photo of an egg that has no blemishes. We are urging you to “give us a crack” at helping with your marketing challenges.

This is the year. We fully expect to reach levels we haven’t seen since 2008. Come fly with us!

Give Us a Crack and Fly With UsPlease drop me a note, to the agency or on the website, or call. I promise to get back to you within hours!

New year – here we come!


Most sincerely,

Paul J. Cowley

President and Creative Director

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