AIMS Parking Management Web Design

By Cowley Team

This past month we’ve seen the launch of AIMS Parking’s new website, and we couldn’t be more excited! This was an opportunity to work on a software site, which was a fun project for us. Overall, the site is clean, easy to navigate and use, and utilizes great features, making this a project we are especially proud of.

The home page features a lot of information without feeling confined. We wanted to ensure the company’s main features were included while still maintaining a simple and clean feel. We used a slider underneath the hero image to showcase all their features and benefits without taking up too much space and still be engaging to visitors. For quick and easy access, we also included a call to action form from the contact page on the home page.

Additionally, it was important to showcase their success stories. We included their client’s logos in a carousel format on the home page and organized them in a clean “Pinterest” style on the Success Stories subpage with the option to read each case study in full.

For their About Us page we gave them a way to add categories of partners and logos that show up in a clean accordion style, not just a standard list of text.

As always, all of the content can be easily managed by the client, they’ve even added news and success stories since the launch a week ago! Like all the sites we have done for the past few years, the site is responsive and user friendly on mobile phones. 

See the full website in action at

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