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Websites that are clearly designed for you and your target audiences.

At Cowley, we don’t just 'build websites.' We develop customer-focused online experiences that connect with purpose and achieve the results you're after...be it establishing your organization's credibility and thought leadership; educating various visitors about complex topics; generating leads, commencing conversations, or conducting e-commerce.

It's also worth noting that, just like the weather, web development is constantly changing. That's why our web team stays on top of the tools, trends, and technologies with a view to ensuring you benefit from the latest SEO best practices, new and engaging UI concepts, security and functional updates, and useful analytics (most often achieved via Google Analytics, which we install on every site).


The right platform for your needs.

Drupal. WordPress. Shopify. Wix. Entirely custom HTML... Whatever web platform fits your needs, we can support it -- and tailor it to your needs, including: e-commerce, PW-protected pages and subsites, complex online catalogs, and landing pages designed to help you track traffic from specific campaigns or cater to specific user groups. All along the way, you'll benefit from working with programmers who understand and appreciate busines goals, including any external software integrations you might require, the importance of optimum security, the migration toward ever-increased accessability, effortless navigation across devices, product-management goals, and other matter-of-fact objectives.


An iterative process

Cowley follows a tried-and-true web development process that solicits and reflects your input and feedback at every stage. Starting with a thorough discovery session that takes into account the needs and wish-lists of all key stakeholders, we move through a series of gradual, incremental steps that take the guesswork and mystique out of the process -- from our simple (but comprehensive!) sitemap; to a wire-frame of your homepage and navigation; to a secure beta site where you can see your homepage and secondary pages develop in real-time; to a completed website ready for final QC, de-bugging, and testing across browsers and devices. By being involved at each stage, you also save time, costs, headaches, and big (potentially unpleasant) surprises when it's time to go live.


Best of all, we give you the keys

The simple and sad truth is that many web development companies still -- to this day -- intentially keep you at arms length from your own website. Not Cowley. Quite the contrary, we take great pride in developing and giving you full access to your website's content management system (CMS). Depending on your comfort level or in-house expertise, all of our clients typically manage upwards of 95% of their site's content with little to no hands-on support from us. We even include CMS training with every site we build -- which is recorded for future reference!

LONG GONE ARE THE DAYS when your organization’s website could simply be an online brochure loaded with text and sparse on useful functionality. With e-commerce, streaming video, database driven content, and more -- today’s websites have a far heavier lift. And since your website may be the only contact your target audience has with your organization, it’s more important than ever that it’s ‘findable,’ accessible, navigable on all major platforms, and well-protected from online threats.

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Tell us about your company and what keeps you up at night. We’ll work with you to prioritize your marketing initiatives. We’ll keep your information confidential and respond within one business day. Thank you for considering Cowley Associates!

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