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Collaboration / Proactivity

Over the past year, the Town of Clay has been proactively seeking to upgrade its Website Design and Brand Re-design with an established Website Development and Digital Engaging organization. Our goal has been to maintain our current theme of “a great place to live, work, and raise a family” but bring a modern touch that would also coincide with our history and characteristics, which make up the Town of Clay. We found a collaboration with Cowley Associates to be that exact match. Not only did they meet our needs through their expertise, they met our needs on strategy and creativeness through their kind and accommodating demeanor.


The Town sought out a Website Committee comprised of office staff and Board Members and together with Cowley Associates, worked through a variety of issues from updating its software and migration of data history to a well-designed site and brand re-design that will continue to set the Town of Clay apart from other municipalities. John Hoeschele and Chris MacSaveny were integral in helping us achieve our goals. They never hesitated to bring new ideas to the team yet respected the Town’s legacy model that we are-known for.

Responsiveness / Service / Overall value

Our initial meetings began in May of 2022 with finality of the site occurring in October 2022; the responsiveness and service we received during this timeframe has been nothing but stellar. The Town budgeted accordingly and Cowley was aware of our budget restrictions and did everything to stay within our parameters. Overall, we found Cowley Associates to be an exceptional organization bringing with them quality service. They have a passion for their business and their customers, mixed with a respect that truly sets them apart from competitors.

Thank you,
Judy Rios, Executive Assistant to the Town of Clay Supervisor

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