Up, Up and…On the Roof?

By Zachary Clark, Copywriter

Here at Cowley Associates we are always trying to be innovative and do things that aren’t quite conventional. That led us to trying the first ever Cowley Aerial Shot…which led us on top of King + King Architecture’s roof…

Where it Started

It all started with the brainstorm of trying to get an amazing shot of Armory Square from the sky to go along with our “Fly With Us” campaign. An inspired idea by Jesse, concrete thought from Paul and Chris (and the occasional chime from myself) later we created the “Cowley Rover 13.” Which turned into the “Cowley Rover 14” after some design changes.

Building the Cowley Rover

With two “Balloon Time” party sets, some tape, a fishing pole and poster board our flight craft was set to build. With over 30 helium filled balloons attached to four strings, our camera and Rover was ready for liftoff.

Is It Too Windy?

It definitely was. Upon Cowley Rover 14 ascending from our parking lot atop a Cowley logo, it began to drift off towards the nearby train tracks. It then took a turn for the worse as our fishing line snagged on the King + King Architecture rooftop.

That’s when it all went a little crazy. With our Rover dangling for dear life on top of another roof, Chris and myself had to run over to King + King to go on their roof (who were very cool about it). While Joe channeled his inner Jack Bauer and scaled the railing to the train tracks, Jesse held on to the fishing pole making sure the Rover didn’t disappear into the stratosphere.

Mitch and Paul sat back and taped the pandemonium as stares began to arise from the crowd outside of our building.

Retrieving the Cowley Rover

With the help from King + King, Chris and I were able to climb on the roof and begin our search. After scaling the majority of it, we found our Rover banging on the side of a window. We secured the camera (completely in tact) and most of our balloons and brought them safely back down to Earth.

Although the first take of our aerial shot didn’t pan out, we’re not giving up. What first time works out anyway? We’ll get it to work, but if anything, it’s been an experience like no other!

(More coverage to come)

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