Are You Checking Your Twitter Analytics?

By Zachary Clark, Account Coordinator 

There’s Google Analytics to check the statistics of your website. There’s Facebook “Insights” to check how well your posts are doing. But, how about all those tweets? Many may know, but some aren’t aware that Twitter has its own “analytics.”

Their analytics will tell you things like:

  • how many mentions you received,
  • how many people followed you over the course of a month,
  • how many people unfollowed you, and
  • a running list of your tweets with their engagement levels

To get to Twitter Analytics, all you have to do is type in “” once you’re signed in to your regular Twitter account. You’ll then click on “Tweets” at the top of the navigation bar to access a dashboard of sorts.

This “dashboard” will have everything that was just listed above. It will also have options to filter which of your tweets were the “best”. This will allow you to do a little research of your own and analyze the formula you were using when you got the most reach. (Reach meaning the number of people who engaged with your tweet)

When analyzing the “formula” of your tweets, make sure to look as certain elements such as:

  • The hashtags you used
  • The people you may have “mentioned”
  • The tweets length
  • If it was a picture, link, etc.
  • If it posed a question rather than stated a fact
  • If it offered something (ie. free service/good)

There are several variables you can take a look at, but these should start your focus. When you analyze your tweets, you can begin to dig deeper about what works for you and the audience who follows you. You’ll also become a smarter tweeter and hopefully increasing your engagement levels.

Again, the link to Twitter Analytics is, but make sure you’re already signed into Twitter or it may not work! If you have any questions, leave your comment below or just shoot me an email (!

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