Are You Putting Your Best Homepage Forward?

By the Cowley Team

They say you have seven seconds to make a first impression. In today’s fast-paced digital world, it’s even less. Your website is a direct connection to consumers. It’s owned media, a rare chance to be in control of the content. It's a wasted opportunity if you don’t use these few split seconds to engage your customer.

You wouldn’t pay for a car, then never go to maintenance check-ups. And the same goes for your website. If the last time you updated your website was a year ago or more, it’s highly likely it contains some outdated material. Yes, maybe when you launched your website a few years ago, it was great. But technology is always improving, and your website is in constant online competition with thousands business websites just like yours. What’s going to give your business the competitive edge?

Its crucial that your company does an objective evaluation of your website every few months. You’d be surprised by the amount of functionality issues, broken links, outdated content you’ll find you can improve upon.

The bar is high and consumers expect nothing but the best web performance. Your website design can either break or make your business or organization. Unsure of where to begin? Contact us for a free website evaluation.

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