Client Spotlight: BOOKS with Senator Libous

By Zachary Clark, Copywriter 

BOOKS with Senator Libous offers children the opportunity to read in a fun, interactive setting with programs designed just for them. These programs encourage reading at a young age and in an enjoyable way.

The Challenge

BOOKS came to Cowley because they were ready to upgrade their old, antiquated, flash-based website that was difficult to use and wasn’t an accurate representation of what kind of great, reading organization they are. When we met with the client, we found they not only wanted a new take on their website creative, but they also needed an easy way to continually put up new content on their own…something nearly impossible with their old site. Their content also needed to be organized in a fashion that was easy to use for both children and their parents.

Jump-off-the-Page Creative

BOOKS’ Executive Director’s vision was able to drive Cowley’s inspiration for the website’s creative. With a beautiful, classic, large children’s book, the goal was set to make the website feel and look like a book. As the team sat around and thought about the design and flipped through the book’s pages, they could feel the dimpled texture of the large cover and prepared to make the physical thing into something digital. 

BOOKS with Senator Libous WebsiteWith a book cover that flips open to enter the site and navigation tabs designed like bookmarks, this new website makes you feel as if you’re actually reading a book. This site also has fun, interactive features and sounds on it that make it a joy to use for hours on end. From rockets launching off the page to shining trophies and sound effects, this website blends functionality and entertainment into a cohesive unit.

Easy to Use, Easy to Update

Being able to update the website on their own, and consistently, was a point of emphasis for BOOKS and their staff. They were thrilled to know that with our Drupal content management system they could update all on their own! Instead of having to call their provider every time they need to put up an event, they can do it themselves with just a few clicks.

Great Experience, Beginning to End

Working with BOOKS has been a pleasure for us at Cowley, and it’s a wonderful feeling knowing that they are confident with their new website and the experience users will have on it. This modern, fun design is a complete upgrade to the old website and will take BOOKS into their next generation of readers.

Take a look at the new BOOKS website!

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