Client Spotlight: P28 High Protein Foods

By Mitchell Piper, Marketing Intern

One of Cowley Associates exciting recent projects was for P28 High Protein Foods. P28 was created by the owners of New York Bakery in Syracuse to provide a line of high protein food. Many of us are really into health and fitness and were very intrigued to listen to Mike Christou speak about his company’s new line of high protein foods, not to mention taste them!

Getting to Know P28

Traditionally health foods seem to have a standoffish image among consumers. “It probably doesn’t taste good,” or, “That’s only for body builders, not me.”  Take a bite of a P28 High Protein Foods product and any doubt will vanish. It’s common sense that you can’t be healthy on a bad diet. P28 High Protein Foods make it all too easy to eat healthy and stay on track with all your health and fitness goals.

After the meeting with P28 it was clear they had a great product, now it was our job to develop a strategy to make sure everyone else found out too. Paul Cowley, our Creative Director, got to work and created a great new concept for P28, which included a refresh to their tagline and logo.

P28 High Protein BreadCreating A Marketing Solution

The first order of business was to create the umbrella idea that P28 means not just High Protein Bread but High Protein Foods by changing the company tagline. This small change would help to encompass all the different products that Peter, Chris, Mike, and Billy have created and will create in the future.

It was important to expand the image of P28. “We wanted to change the voice to make it more mainstream with a fitness edge,” said Paul. It had to be clear this is a food for anyone who is interested in healthy living, not just body builders.

This message was conveyed through the redesigned brochure. The brochure is clean and informative and showcases the wide variety of P28 products. It also looks great in print!

It was a pleasure to work with everyone at P28. “If they can get their products in front of the right customers they should respond favorably,” Paul says. The entire team at Cowley is excited to hear the results of their new look and wish all the best to P28.


Find out more about P28 High Protein Foods at

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