Onondaga Nation Arena Brochure, Rack Card, and Sales Sheet

By Cowley Team

Cowley recently created a brochure, rack card, and sales sheet for the Onondaga Nation Arena, which has a beautiful, 17,000 square feet multi-purpose playing surface primarily used for hockey and lacrosse. The brochure and rack card’s purpose is to help inform and showcase the Arena, its potential uses, and advertising opportunities inside it.

We used a rich purple color and complimenting red throughout the collateral, which make a bold impact to the reader. We also used imagery that showcases how versatile the arena is while bringing life and other color to pieces. For more information about the Arena, take a look at what we put together below!


Onondaga Nation Brochure 1

Onondaga Nation Brochure 2


Onondaga Nation Rack Card

Sales Sheet

Onondaga Nation Sales Sheet

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