The Origin of Our Company Mascot: Poe The Gnome

By Joe Cunningham, Internet Marketing Manager

According to a study done by the global social media monitoring company Synthesio, company mascots actually generate more social media buzz and biz than celebrity endorsements!    Synthesio ranked the top 5 social media endorsers for both celebrities and mascots showing the buzz generated by mascots to be almost double that of celebs!

Pillsbury DoughboyMascots Vs. Celebs: The Showdown

#5 for celebrities was Jennifer Aniston for Smart Water, generating 0.32% of the company’s social media buzz.  #1 on the list was Danica Patrick for GoDaddy (yeah, you know who that is), pulling in 12.72% of their buzz.

The mascots cleaned house though.  #5, Tony the Tiger (don’t say it!), buzzed (or should I say “Grrr-ed!”) 0.59% of the take; while #1, the Pillsbury Doughboy (yeah, you just made that noise), served up 22.14% (killed it!).

What’s the difference?  The heart of the matter, says Synthesio, is celebrities are caught up in promoting their own projects (naturally, that’s why they are celebs), while mascots have just the one day job.

Poe The Gnome: Origins

Cowley didn’t have a mascot a few months ago.  We had a logo.  Well, we’ve had plenty of logos over the years.  And we’ve had Paul and Gail.  Paul is almost a mascot unto himself, though we could call him a local celebrity (“I work for Paul Cowley.”  “Oh, I know Paul…”).

Anyway, I don’t want to steal the thunder away from this fantastic video we made last week to tell the story.  So without further ado (great, I’ve reached 200 words for the blog post so Google will like it), I give you our hilarious (well, I think it’s funny) new video on the origins of Poe the Cowley mascot, connector, and mischievous blog gnome.

Let us know below what you think!  Enjoy.


Special thanks to Craig Laughlin of Kinani Blue (@KinaniBlue) for the tip on the article from

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