Poe the Gnome Visits Lyncourt Bakery

By Mitchell Piper, Marketing Intern

Poe isn’t ashamed to admit that he has never been a very skinny gnome. Every morning at work he always seems to be hungry. One of his favorite places to get donuts and other baked goods in the morning is the Lyncourt Bakery. As usual Poe needed a ride so he convinced Mitch to go along with him. It didn’t take much convincing because Mitch is a big fan of their pizza rolls.

About The Bakery

The Lyncourt Bakery opened in 1956 and is the true definition of a family business. It has been in the Mignacca family for three generations. It is a very casual environment and has a very old school personal feel that is very hard to find these days.

Like A Gnome In A Cookie Store

Poe was so excited that he jumped out of the car while it was still moving. Once inside he was faced with a huge challenge, he couldn’t decide what to get! There are so many delicious Italian cookies and a wide variety of amazing pastries.

The cookie trays looked too good to pass up so Poe had to get one. He thought they were so unbelievably good that he had to see where they were made. The lovely young woman at the counter was kind enough to give us a tour of the back of the bakery. This is where Poe was able to watch Frank Mignacca the second generation baker work his magic.

Well Worth The Trip

On his way out Poe grabbed a loaf of Italian bread, which the Lyncourt Bakery is well known for, to take home. The trip was great. Poe met some fantastic people and ate some delicious food, but it was time to head back to work. There is no question Poe recommends the Lyncourt Bakery to anyone looking for delicious baked goods and a very enjoyable experience. You won’t be disappointed and it is absolutely worth the trip. 

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