By Jenna Bordy, Marketing Intern at Cowley

Here at Cowley, we have a little friend that is gaining social media status. Our esteemed colleague is Poe. He is a gnome that the company uses to ensure the monthly blog gets out. Each month Poe sits in someone’s office until his or her blog is complete. However, every Friday Poe gets to go on an adventure, usually with me.

Poe’s Adventures

While Poe’s main job is to be a blog reminder, he is quite mischievous in his spare time. He loves getting into trouble around the office and sneaks out to see all that Downtown Syracuse has to offer. You can follow his adventures on Instagram and Pinterest (and sometimes he makes a cameo appearance on Vine). Poe has explored much of Armory Square and is always excited to see more. Poe is constantly on the move and always looking for new places to explore.

If you would like Poe to come to you please tweet @CowleyAssoc

We are constantly in search of more spots for Poe to hit and could use your help. Believe it or not Gnomes are huge on Social Media. People around the world bring gnomes around on their adventures. While Poe’s adventures are confided to Syracuse, he has much more to explore! Help us find new places and we will give you the shout out!

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