Revamped Website for Metro42 Challenge

By Cowley Team

The Metro42 Challenge is a 6-week weight loss and body transformation program created by Downtown Syracuse gym, Metro Fitness. Metro’s Owner, Randy Sabourin, and Cowley Associates have been teaming up since the Challenge’s inception in 2013. For the upcoming 2015-2016 Metro42 season, Cowley has completely revamped the Challenge’s website to not only a new, clean, mobile-friendly, and sophisticated look, but also to reflect the holistic approach the program has.

The Metro42 Challenge has a unique methodology that focuses on weight loss training, clean eating coaching, and attitude training. To highlight that, Cowley updated the Challenge’s branding to include three icons that signify the three areas of focus. Those icons are also rotating on the front of the website to call attention to them. The website focuses heavily on the lives of the people that the Metro42 Challenge has changed. The site has over 30 testimonials from past participants who testify to their positive experience.

To check out the work and learn more about the program, go to Be sure to let us know what you think!

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