Turning Leads into Opportunities: 4 Simple Steps

By Zachary Clark, Marketing Intern

Last month was all about Lead Generation and how to get customers to contact you about your business or products. You may be thinking: what in the world do I do now? Leads are assets to your company and need to be turned into opportunities (fancy for potential revenue) that can easily be realized if you follow these 4 simple steps. Losing a lead is like misplacing your car keys…your company is not going to be able to go anywhere if you lose them, so follow closely.

Step #1: Be Reachable

This seems easy enough, and it is, but just a simple follow-up phone call or e-mail may be the difference between your lead turning into an opportunity rather than another wasted chance. A simple, “Hey, John thanks for the interest, let’s get together and talk sometime” can go a very, very long way in securing a customer. A phone call two weeks later just increases the chance that the lead went to somebody else. You may have had the better product or price, but they would have never known because you didn’t get back to them.

Step #2: Show Sincere Interest

Now that you’ve followed up, start showing that you’re really interested in their company and want their business. If you have a great newsletter like this one, send it to them. Send them as much information about your organization, and what you can do for them, as possible. If your product is truly great, the more you send them and more information you give them, will only help them fall deeper in love with your company. Show you care about their business and they’ll start being part of yours.

Step #3: Have No Fear and Persevere

Your lead hasn’t got back to you in a couple of weeks now and you may think all hope is lost. But have no fear and persevere. If you sent an e-mail the first time around, try a phone call now. Some e-mails get lost in spam filters or never even make it to who they’re supposed to. With a phone call, you can show you’re a real person, a real company trying to sell a real product or service and make a real impact in their business. Don’t stop your pursuit of a customer just because they didn’t get back to you the first time around.

Step #4: It’s Time to Meet

The interest between you two is now mutual and it’s time to set up a face-to-face to meeting with them. Talk in depth about what their organization needs and what your company can do for them. If that meeting went well, set up another time to get together and hammer out the details. Congratulations, that is how you turn a lead into an opportunity! Turning your leads into opportunities is how your company will continue to live, grow and thrive. Don’t let your potential customers go down the drain and spiral away. Now you can take out your car keys, put them in the ignition and rev that engine up because if you follow these steps, your company is about to go places.

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