What’s Your Business’ Purpose?

By Paul Cowley, Owner, President, and Creative Director

I was recently asked the question, “What is Cowley Associates’ Purpose?” I didn’t have to think about it much, so I responded with, “Well, it’s quite simple really. We help clients sell things.”

Organizations of all sizes have been coming to us for 40 years now to help them with their marketing. Whether they needed a website, commercial, billboard, new brand, or whatever, they’ve entrusted us with their brand’s image. But, regardless of what our clients have needed, each project has always had the same intention: selling. Sell this product, that service, this career, that technology, this donor, that philosophy. Our purpose in this world is to help our clients Sell More Better.

Sales has always been a dirty word. No one wants to be "sold" anything, but as companies, that’s what we do. We convince people everyday why they should buy our product, use our service, donate to our non-profit. We sell them on why we’re better and why they should pick us.

Advertising agencies, for the most part, have been afraid to admit that we are in fact here to help our clients sell. So, I am proud to announce our new branding and philosophy of Sell More Better.

Sell More Better takes a “Sales-First” method to helping our clients achieve what is most important to them: sales, sustainable revenue growth, or donor engagement. We have developed a system that looks at an organization’s marketing/sales from a holistic point of view and we’ve identified six key areas that need to be firing on all cylinders to achieve growth. With this methodology, we’re going to help organizations big and small realize their fullest marketing and sales potential.

When I started Cowley Associates back in 1975, it was with only $750. Back then, buying effective media was easy because there were only a handful of networks to choose from. Now, there are hundreds. Throw in the evolution of technology and the advent of social media, marketing today is completely different. If we were all honest about it, it’s down right scary and takes all you have just to keep up!

So, that’s why we’ve adapted this “Sales-First” philosophy, because marketing exists for one reason and one reason only: to increase your sales and revenue.

40 years ago, I really never imagined the world like it is now. But, isn’t it interesting that even with all the great changes and all of our cool technology, you still have to sell to survive!

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