What's In A Brand?

By Paul Cowley, Founder, President, & Creative Director

Whenever I hear the word “branding”, it always brings me back to when I was a kid and all those old cowboy movies I used to go to. The chief protagonist in most of these movies was the relentless “Gang of Cattle Rustlers”.  To protect themselves the Good Guys had to some how mark their livestock as their own. That’s where the” branding irons” came in; ouch!

You get the picture; one look at the brand and they knew who owned the cow.

Interesting, it’s still the BRAND at a glance that lets you stand out in a crowd.

Is yours a simple mind branding design? Is your logo the one that imbeds itself in the minds of your special client so when it’s time to solve their particular problem, it’s your company that comes to mind? Your brand is you, you are your brand. With so much riding on a seemingly simple symbol, its important it makes the right and good impression.

Impression 1: You are established.

Customers want someone they feel has experience. People typically equate experience with age, the longer your company has been around the more established you are. But being established doesn’t have to rely solely on how long you’ve been in business. It does mean you need to be able to make your customers confident that you know what you’re doing.

Impression 2: You are the best in a particular field.

Just because you’re established doesn’t mean you’re the best, so your logo should say that for you. Your logo needs to make people feel like they are getting the best service out there.

Impression 3: You are up to date.

When you’re established, it can be easy to want to keep what’s working. After all, you want people to recognize your logo immediately. But if you’re too outdated, it could send the message that you’re unable to adapt and move with the times. We live in a fast paced technology world. The fact is, if you can’t keep up with the changes, why would your clients expect you to keep them up with the changes too? Think about Pepsi, Coke, Apple, Starbucks; these companies have been around for a while. And while their logos maintain the same feel, they have undergone some upgrades over the years in order to stay current. 

Impression 4: You can be trusted.

You want to stand out, be unique, grab attention! But you also want to be trusted, don’t worry, you can do both! You have to find that happy medium between unique and professional, one of a kind and qualified.


Whether you’re just starting out, or looking for a make-over, we are the guys to get your brand where you need it to be.

“Happy trials to you.”

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