White Coat Research PURL Campaign

By Gail Cowley, Executive VP

Here at Cowley Associates, we can’t say enough about the success of PURLs in client campaigns. Last month we stressed the difference personalization makes when targeting potential or current customers, and this month we have yet another success story to prove the benefits.

Throughout August and September, Cowley Associates worked with Delta Marketing Dynamics (DMD), a full-service marketing research company serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare industry. Over the years, DMD has expanded the services they offer their clients. However, because their stellar reputation in pharmaceutical research was what came most readily to mind, and they wanted their customers to know they could offer them more.

White Coat Research

Enter Cowley Associates. We constructed a campaign that revolved around the concept of “White Coat Research.” While customers continued to associate DMD with pharmaceuticals, our goal was to show them as the marketing research company that dealt with all the many “White Coat” (healthcare, pharmaceuticals, research, etc.) industries.

Targeting current and past customers of DMD, Cowley Associates created a PURL website featuring a short video clip of the company’s president, Bill Little explaining the purpose behind the campaign. By navigating the PURL microsite, customers could learn more about the services DMD offers, and by completing a short survey each customer was entered to win a new iPad. Customers were provided with the PURL information in the form of a specially designed package featuring “White Coat Research” themed creative in the form of an informational postcard and a DMD t-shirt shrink wrapped in a lab-coat shape.

Watch The Video

The response rate was more than either Cowley or DMD had hoped for.

Of the total targets, more than 20% responded to the survey questions with detailed, insightful answers which allowed DMD to follow up with individual respondents and address their specific marketing concerns. Combining the PURLs with a survey allowed DMD to determine exactly what their customers needed, and respond accordingly. Generally, clients using PURL mailings can expect a 3-6% response rate, which is nearly 3 times the response rate of traditional direct mailings.

If you’re interested in how you can incorporate PURLs into your next marketing campaign, give us a call!

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