White Screen Studio Setup Time-lapse

By Chris MacSaveny, Web Developer

Our convertible office/studio 

Our office also serves as our studio; mainly because we don't have enough room to keep the studio up at all times.  So, during one of the conversions from office to studio we decided to make this time-lapse video to show how we do it.  I hope you enjoy it, we had fun filming and editing it.

How to set up a white screen studio 

You'll need a few things:

  • Something White.  We use a seamless paper.
  • Background Lights.  We bought 8 light fixtures and florescent light bulbs at Home Depot.  We got clip on lights so we could put them anywhere.  The point of these lights is to light the background so you get a continuous white screen.
  • Subject Lights.  You need to light your subject separately.  We use a professional Profoto setup, but you probably could get away with less.
  • A Camera.  Preferably one with a manual exposure.  This allows you to let enough light into the lens to get a perfect white background while still seeing enough of your subject.

We also lower a boom mic to get better sound.  Finally the video is brought into After Effects and a luma key effect is applied to make the white background transparent.  This allows us to put text or design elements behind the spokesperson.

Examples of our white screen videos 

We have done a number of these in the short time we have been producing them.  Here are some links from our portfolio.

As always, we would love to do this for your company.  You could endorse your product/service yourself or we can supply a spokesperson.  If you are in the Syracuse area and would like to become a spokesperson for our clients please click here to upload your demo.

Thanks for watching and reading!


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