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Though we may never return to 'business as usual' in a post-coronavirus world, the simple fact is business will still need to be done once the epidemic is behind us. When it does, be sure your organization is ready... With a fully differentiated brand. With marketing strategies appropriate to (and that fully leverage!) the new day. And with creative promotional tactics and messaging that get you back in the game as soon -- and as effectively -- as possible.

In other words, now's a great time to call and engage with Cowley.

With more than 40 years of proven results for CNY’s most beloved and respected organizations -- we have the systems, experience, creativity, and drive to help you get your business booming again!

PS: For some tips on how to message during this time, check out our blog post: Communicating in the Time of COVID-19

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Business Insights

We dig data – From developing and conducting research with customers, employees and other stakeholders… To doing deep-dive analysis of your customer, sales, POS, or other important marketing data… To taking the time to understand and account for cost structure, pricing, and other operational factors that can impact your marketing picture, Cowley takes a keen interest in and is skilled at finding insights in the numbers that other agencies ignore.

Relevant Creative

Creative that’s on the mark – Pretty pictures are all well and good, but Cowley clients appreciate that marketing messages we develop are appropriate for your company, the industry, and your audience – and reflect the insights gleaned by the data and discovery process that initiate our client’s projects. Whether you’re communicating with end-users, your channel partners, influencers, employees, or other key constituents, Cowley creative is catered to the recipient for optimal impact.

Technology Tools

Tech-savvy tactics – E-commerce, CRM systems, social media, SEO, mobile marketing… Today, marketing and technology are inextricably linked, offering you both opportunities and challenges. Cowley’s in-house digital experts have experience navigating these currents, helping you avoid hazards, and leveraging technology to reach more customers, increase sales, and build brand loyalty.

Reach Strategies

Reach ready – Whether your marcom program is comprised of digital ads, paid social, outdoor, print, sales collaterals, trade ads, e-mail marketing, POS, or any number of other vectors to market – Cowley’s is practiced and experienced at strategizing, planning, and executing a reach strategy that’s both effective and cost-effective.

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