Vibration absorption. Noise reduction. Thermal expansion management. Mitigation of seismic shifting... These are the kinds of challenges addressed by the unique, custom-engineered solutions of Flex-Hose Co.

Established in the late 1960s in Syracuse, NY, today's Flex-Hose is the North American leader in its industry segment. That's why the company recently enlisted Cowley to develop both its next-generation website (a key lead-generation tool) and its ongoing Google Ads program. Utilizing an easy-to-deploy (or hide) homepage pop-up and elegant contact form, the website has generated 1,562 form-completions/leads since the site launched in 2021.

On the Google Ads front, the program -- which commenced not long after the website launch, is typically comprised of six text-only ads, and is supported by a modest $500 monthly spend-rate and -- has generated 27.3K click-thrus to the Flex-Hose website and 2.7M impressions.

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