Clean the House Before People Come Over

By Paul Cowley, Founder, President, & Creative Director

I've always said that the web is the great equalizer in this world. You could be a small one-man band, but boy if you had a great website, you could look like you had a 1,000 people working for you! And vice could be a Fortune 500 company, but a not so great looking website would make you look like the mom and pop store on the corner.

Back when I was a kid, my mother Ann Cowley loved to have people over and entertain them. It was the worst! Because that meant I had to help her clean up to make sure the house was spotless. Everything needed to be nice, tidy, and perfectly tucked away so our guests could enjoy themselves. It always seemed so tedious and unnecessary to me, but I tell you what, my mother threw the best parties and our guests always had an amazing time!

Cleaning the house before a party is like taking care of your website before doing a marketing campaign. 9 times out of 10 you're probably telling people to go to your website when they see your billboard, watch your commercial, or click on Facebook. But, I see it time and time again that people want to spend money and then send people to their underperforming website. They wonder why the dollars they spent didn't convert! You're spending all this money to send people to a place that will give off a bad impression. I don't get it!

Yes, like cleaning the house before a party it's a little bit more time and effort to spruce up the website. But, it sure does make a difference and your audience (and your bottom line) will certainly thank you for it. So, take a lesson from mother...always clean the house before people come over!

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