Client Spotlight: Seneca

By Zachary Clark, Account Coordinator

Digital signage is a hot trend in the ad industry, but it’s arguably even hotter with tech companies. Our client, Seneca (formerly known as Seneca Data), came to Cowley to produce a video and print ad promoting their digital media player specifically made for digital signage, the Seneca HDN. The video had to be a blend of easily digestible information and technological lingo to showcase the features of Seneca’s innovative equipment to consumers already in the digital signage industry. The print ad needed to catch the eye and convey the power this equipment has, too. 

Knowledge is Key

We started this project by gathering the key selling points of the HDN and internally taking the time to understand the specific functionalities of the box with the client. Since the video and print ad were geared towards an audience who already know about digital signage technology, we had to make sure our visuals and copy were on par with what they were familiar with. At the same time, we had to educate and inform them on the innovative technology Seneca used to build their product.

A Full 360°Approach

The video was designed visually around a 360° rotation of the HDN. We used our in-house studios to record the box spinning so the viewer could get a complete look at the equipment. Since the HDN has features on its back, front, and sides, using a rotational view allowed us to capture all of them in a sleek and exciting way. We also utilized on-screen text and simple animations to better visualize and highlight the box’s key features.

The video shared the theme and color scheme we used in the print ad so we could have consistency across the brand messaging. Both the video and print ad paired perfectly together showcasing the HDN to the target audiences.

Digital signage is powerful technology for both ad and tech companies alike. Seneca is already a leader in the tech industry and their HDN product further cements that. Cowley even uses these players ourselves to power our digital signage offering.

Check out the video and ad below, and let us know if you’d like more information about the Seneca HDN or digital signage!

Seneca HDn - Digital Media Player

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