The Cowley Wine-A-Thon

By Cowley Team

During the course of this afternoon and the next couple of weeks, the team at Cowley Associates will be calling many of our current and former clients, and friends of the agency to tell them some very exciting news. We will be moving from our current office space at 235 Walton St. to a new building a couple blocks over at 407 S. Warren St. With the move, Cowley will be having an Open House this spring, and want to tell our friends and clients first hand.

Our new office space will be an upgrade to our creative environment and allow our team to be more collaborative with one another. With three 58” flat screen TVs going in and our digital signage technology, this space will be on the cutting edge. We’ll also boast a lavish sitting area and “think tank” to brainstorm some of our best ideas ever. 

To celebrate, the Cowley team will be popping a couple bottles of wine and having some fun while we call the people we value most. So, be on the look out for a call from the staff today, and please excuse the possibility of any slurred words!

If you don’t receive a call, or we didn’t get through to you, but would still like an invitation to our Open House this spring, email or call Zach at or 315-475-8453 ext. 231.

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