Thanks For Giving Me Another Chance!

By Paul Cowley, Founder

It’s good to be alive!

Have you ever been given “another chance,” a fresh start, a chance to do it all over again? 

Well, last Friday night out of the blue it happened to me! Without getting into all the gory details I totaled my car, and lived to tell about it!

The next day I realized I could be looking down from heaven seeing all of the sadness. Instead, I was going about things same as usual; having a conversation with my daughter, planning Thanksgiving festivities with Gail, having a phone conversation with my son Jon in New York. Then a light went off, “You’ve been saved to make your world a better place!” What a blessing just be alive! Changed my life.

Having a few days to reflect on this revelation, I realized we all have this same opportunity every single day.

Every day we wake up, we are all given a new chance to bless the people around us. The lady in the coffee shop, the homeless person we dive by on the roadside, the people at the office.

It can be Thanksgiving each day. All we have to do is to choose to be thankful and treat everyone on the day’s journey accordingly. 

Give it a try. I know firsthand you’ll be happier for it.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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