Holiday Meetup: The SMBSyr #11 at Owera Vineyards

By Joe Cunningham, Internet Marketing Manager

It was the first real winter drive of the season for me as Poe and I headed out to the “Holiday Meetup” at Owera Vineyards put on by Social Media Breakfast Syracuse.  Poe and I have never missed a one and this wouldn’t be an exception.

It was a scenic drive out to Cazenovia and as we pulled up the long driveway to the tasting house, all Poe and I could think of was a White Christmas was on its way, along with wine that we’d soon be tasting (we took one car for a reason).

Meet and Greet

Poe stuffed animalsOf course, Kevin Morrow welcomed us as we came in and Poe generously donated his stuffed animal to less fortunate kids as part of an initiative of the Syracuse Crunch for the Stanley Steemer Teddy Bear Toss that helps the Salvation Army.  So many Santa helpers here, it’s great!

Poe and I caught up with a few SMB friends at the bar (more on the wine later) including Kevin Foresti, Dennis Conard, Amy Bleier Long, Margaret McCormick, Maggie Walters, and Kristy Smorol.  We also met Believe in Syracuse’s John DeSantis.  I joked that these things bring out the socially awkward people who are only good on social media, but that proved otherwise; we all had a good time talking about technical stuff and just about everything else also.

Wine and Dine

Owera is a fine family-owned business that produces their very own wines.  They are Madison County’s first vineyard and are steeped in local tradition.  They feature a wide range of both white and red wines, and there is something for everyone on their repertoire.  Check out their website for more info and drop in for a tasting!

Speaking on “tasting” – Poe and I sampled a few delicious varietals while at the event.  Both of us have become quite the amateur winos over the last few years.  The staff at Owera generously provided a tasty array of food pairing items as well: homemade pizzas and appetizers – it was a great little treat.

The event was the first SMB to not be a “B” (meaning breakfast) taking place in the evening after work, which brought out many new faces who either aren’t morning people or can’t make it to the A.M. events (or both), but I saw many of the old-faithfuls there as well.

Poe at the bar.Kevin and I caught up at the bar and discussed some new happenings on the SMB schedule as well as some new ideas for ones to come.  I get more talkative “under the affluence of icohol,” as they say.

Many of us bought wine, and we all graciously thanked the staff and Kevin.  It was great fun and I had made sure to stop drinking long before I headed out to my car, gnome under my armpit, and headed “over the river and through the woods.”


Sign up for the next SMB events – a Crunch Hockey game on Jan. 17th and “Social Media and Manufacturers” on Jan. 23rd by clicking these links.  Poe says, “See you there!”

For more pictures from the event, click here for view the SMBSyr Facebook gallery.

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