The “A-Team”

By Joe Cunningham, Internet Marketing Manager

It’s an action classic.  Anti-air shells explode all around them as a mismatched group of Army Rangers free fall to the ground in a multi-ton tank!  A strangely blond version of Liam Neeson orders a cowboy version of Bradley Cooper to fire on the ground in order to steer the vessel and slow their fall.  With the help of a few parachutes, the tank crash-lands safely in a conveniently placed lake, startling the cliché fishing boat.

“I love it when a plan comes together,” says Neeson’s infamous Colonel Hannibal Smith.

Okay, so we’re not talking about that "A-Team."  (And not the Ed Sheeran song either.)  What are we talking about?

The Cowley A-Team

Here at Cowley we take a great amount of pride in our work, and also the people that make up our top-notch team.  We only choose highly talented, passionate, intelligent individuals who can produce as a member of a high-quality ad team.

Other, larger agencies will do this as a common practice.  They will pull together their sharpest minds to pitch to a client and gain their trust; and then, when the dotted-lines are signed and the cash is flowing, they will usually pass you off to a second-rate team they keep behind the reception wall.

We don’t do that.  We’re mini-size but we’re elite.  The same people who you met at Cowley are the same people who pitch to you, talk about your marketing needs, present a solution, and execute an effective marketing campaign for you.

In short, we are the “A-Team.”  We don’t pass you off to the B-Team.  Or the C-Z teams either.

Traits of an Effective A-Team

Here is how you’ll know if the A-Team is on top of their game: 

  • They’re on time.
  • They listen to your needs.
  • They know what they’re talking about.
  • They gel as a team.
  • They communicate with each other.
  • They work towards the same goal, which is making you – the client – extremely successful.
  • They know they are the A-Team.
  • They are proud, happy, and passionate about what they do.
  • They are experts in their fields.
  • They constantly better themselves.
  • They can fly, change small objects into gold, and are world-renowned masters of a martial art.  (Okay, so maybe not everyone on the team.)

So – next time to you need marketing, think about this: who do you want working on your company’s future?  The Z-Team or the A-Team?  If in doubt, call Cowley.  We’ll be waiting for your call.


Learn more about Cowley's "A-Team" here.

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