Improving Your Healthcare Recruitment Marketing: Part 2


Last month we talked about the challenges that the healthcare industry has faced in recruiting top healthcare talent in today’s competitive landscape. In that first installment covering the continuum of recruiting, we highlighted the three key components of outbound marketing – or the “push” so to speak. Now, we’re diving deeper and exploring the “pull” of inbound healthcare recruitment marketing. Once you get a lead or interested prospective candidate, what do you do?

Highlight Positive Work Culture
In addition to addressing more practical matters like compensation and benefits, you’ll need to address, shall we say, intangibles in order to attract today’s top talent. So be sure to showcase what makes your work culture appealing for medical professionals. Do you have a unique approach to physician practice management? Are there additional education opportunities for nurses to pursue? Is there onsite training or ongoing professional opportunities? Highlight anything that makes you stand out.

First, Make Benefits Easy to Find
Whether it’s a page on your website, a brochure, or an ad – you’ll want to place the benefits you offer in a clear and conspicuous location. Potential employees will be looking for things like 401k, paid time off, continuing education opportunities, expected hours, etc. These should be clearly defined and one of the most prominent items in your inbound marketing materials.

It’s also a good idea to promote the region and community in which your organization is located. Are there lots of parks, museums, dining opportunities, and sporting events? What about the quality of your housing market and schools? Is your community walkable, diverse, or environmentally astute? If your future team-members are going to be living there, you must make a concerted effort to introduce them to the life side of their work/life balance. (This can be especially key for spouses and children.) Hint: Don’t have time, capacity, or wherewithal to track and keep current on your community’s quality-of-life assets? Consider linking to your Chamber of Commerce or tourism resource on your website: Chances are, there’s a wealth of resources and information about your region just a click away. Indeed, they may also offer other help in attracting talent as well (like welcome kits or literature you can send to prospective hires).

Provide Testimonials (and More) From Current Employees
In our last installment, we talked about the importance of adding a human touch to the careers page of your website. It’s a great idea to add photos and bios of staff, plus pictures that highlight your positive work culture. And testimonials from current staff are key. But why not take it one step further? Give potential employees the opportunity to speak face to face with your employees. Let them ask specific questions and get firsthand insight into what their work experience will be like. This goes a long way in building trust and showing that collaboration is important in your organization.

Offer a Tour
Offer any potential healthcare recruit an opportunity to visit your facility. Have a recruitment leader take them around, similar to a college campus orientation visit. This is a great opportunity for the spouses and family as well. The change of a new job will be affecting them too, and showing that you understand the importance of life beyond work will go a long way.

As with all blogs, we’ve just scratched the surface a bit here! But hopefully, between part 1 and part 2 on this topic, we’ve got your recruitment gears going!

Do you have an inbound marketing strategy in place to follow up once you’ve attracted top healthcare talent? If you need help positioning your organization as a desirable healthcare employer we can help. Reach out to Gail Cowley today to arrange a chat about a quick estimate at 315.475.8453 x1 or

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