Improving Your Healthcare Recuritment Marketing: Part 1


Between high turnover rates and talent shortages, the healthcare industry has long faced difficulties in recruiting quality employees. Then, bringing along challenges of its own, COVID-19 ushered in a new wave of virtual job fairs, remote screening and digital recruitment. With these ever-increasing demands, how do you attract top healthcare talent in today’s competitive landscape? In this first of two blog posts on this topic, we’ll cover three key steps along the continuum of recruitment marketing.

1. Diversify Your Marketing
Marketing is marketing. The basic principles of marketing your healthcare company to patients also apply to marketing jobs to healthcare workers. Chances are you don’t invest in just one type of marketing. Promote your open positions the same way you would advertise your business. A multi-channel approach helps to drive business – and also job seekers – to your organization. Instead of pouring all your budget into one costly job board sponsorship, try diversifying your spend across several platforms. In addition to specialty job boards, utilize local classified ads, reviews, referral programs, your website,digital ads, and social media marketing. Expanding your search across multiple channels increases your chances of finding quality candidates, which in turn will increase your profitability, productivity, and – most importantly – the quality of patient care.

2. Capitalize on Digital Marketing
COVID-19 may have upped the necessity for having an online presence, but even as we are coming out of the fog, there’s no doubt that virtual is here to stay. And if you don’t want to get left behind, then incorporating digital marketing into your recruitment strategy is key. There are three key components to a solid digital recruiting plan: online job boards, SEO and social media. When placing an ad on online job boards consider all the various platforms and where you’ll get the best return on your investment. Compare larger job boards like Indeed with more industry specific – or even location specific – job boards that can target the exact type of talent you’re looking for. Make sure your recruitment content is search engine friendly by incorporating SEO keywords and phrases into your copy. Including specific industry and job keywords as well as your location leverages your content and gets your ad in front of more people. Social media is one of the most powerful recruiting tools in your arsenal. Posting and advertising open healthcare positions on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook puts both active and passive job seekers right at your fingertips. Then there’s the added bonus of people in your network referring their connections who may not have otherwise seen your job ad. When you promote your openings across social channels, you reach a wider pool of potential candidates.

3. Elevate Your Branding
In a highly competitive market, branding plays a major role in recruiting top healthcare talent. How does your organization brand itself as an employer? What message are you sending to prospective candidates? Start by looking at your company through the job seeker’s eyes. Does your organization present itself as a place that quality healthcare workers would be drawn to? There are a couple of important elements you want to make sure you have in your branding. First, add a human touch to the careers page of your website. Include photos and bios of staff as well as pictures of activities that showcase the positive work culture. Testimonials from current staff – both written and video – are a good idea too. Finally, make sure your mission, vision and values are showcased in a prominent place on all recruitment marketing materials, both digital and print.

These 3 strategies are key to any good outbound recruitment marketing plan. Stay tuned for Part 2, where we’ll discuss the next phase which includes what to do after you’ve attracted top talent and how to reel them in.

Do you have a strategy in place to attract top talent in today’s competitive market? If you need help positioning your organization as a desirable healthcare employer – and establishing top-of-mind visibility – we’re here for you. Reach out to Gail Cowley today to arrange a chat about a quick estimate at 315.475.8453 x1Cowley_Thoughts&Tips_v2 2021-05-28.pdf.

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