Interactive Touchscreen Presentation Design for ECR International

By Zachary Clark, Director of Business Development 

Cowley recently had the pleasure of working with ECR International on an interactive presentation that would be used in their trade show display. ECR has touchscreen monitors that they wanted to utilize to showcase their family of brands and products, and give their audience the opportunity to learn more in an interactive way. Through this presentation, a user can touch through 7 of ECR’s brands, and then through 7 other categories that had brochures, videos, PowerPoints, instruction manuals, a list of where to find sales reps, and other supporting documents.

The challenge to this project was not only giving ECR a fantastic design, but cross-platform functionality so that variations of this presentation could be used by their sales reps out in the field. Since the touchscreen was on a windows based machine and the sales reps had either Surfaces, iPads, or an Android device, Cowley had to ensure this worked on everything. ECR also needed the ability to store and manage the content themselves so they could make changes to the presentation on the fly.

So, utilizing third-party software and our knack for problem solving, Cowley was able to deliver ECR on all three parts of their wish list: amazing design, cross-platform functionality, and content managed. Below, we’ve built an interactive mockup of the interactive presentation for you to explore. Enjoy!

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