Shoot a Better Corporate Video

By Zachary Clark, Project Manager

I think we all know by now that video is one of the hottest marketing trends going right now. With YouTube’s ever-growing dominance and audience attention spans getting smaller and smaller, video is one of the easiest ways to captivate an audience and tell a story. One of the most popular types of video is a “Corporate Video.” Something that introduces your organization and its services in an engaging way so a viewer can understand who you are without having to read paragraphs of text. It can be used on your website, social media, at tradeshows, or anywhere else you can imagine.

Although it seems simple to do, shooting a corporate video is more involved than many realize. There is a right way to do it, and of course a wrong way. Here are some tips that will help you shoot a better corporate video for your organization:

Plan Key Messages

Key messages are important to have in any marketing strategy, but video in particular. You’ll want to plan what the viewer should gain from watching your video. Do you want to highlight your years of business? Maybe a certain product or characteristic you pride yourself on? Whatever you are saying, make sure it’s documented and thoroughly planned out. There’s nothing worse than shooting footage for your video to later realize that it doesn’t say what you want it to. Be thoughtful and be mindful before you even start rolling the camera.

Choose the Right People

A corporate video is always enhanced when you can have top employees or the President of the company speak in it. Nothing better represents your company than the people who actually live and breathe it every day. Although you want to highlight your employees, it’s important to pick the right ones. Be sure to have people who articulate and charismatic that won’t look like stiffs in front of the camera. You really want personality to sparkle through and be vibrant on the screen.

Have a Perfect Environment

Part of showing off your company is highlighting your office space. When shooting individuals who may be talking about the company, put them in an environment that isn’t distracting, but still shows your space in an interesting way. Be sure to shoot some b-roll (or supplemental footage to overlay periodically) of the quirks and interesting space within the office. Before you shoot anything, make sure everything is clean, organized, and doesn’t contain any private information that shouldn’t be seen by the public. No one likes to look at a messy office!

Keep it Concise

The perfect length for a corporate video is 60 to 90 seconds. If you go under that time frame you don’t give yourself enough time to tell your organization’s story. If you go over that time, you’re dragging on too long. This is where planning (aka pre-production) will become important so you can ensure that you get all of your key messages in within that timeframe. Although you may think that your company is the best thing going and everything is important, no one on the outside world does. So, keep it short, sweet, to the point, and don’t drag on!

Hire a Professional

Last, but absolutely the most important, is to hire a professional to shoot this video. Getting a flip camera from Best Buy, or shooting video on your iPhone just isn’t going to hack it. This video is the representation of your company to the outside world and what most people will watch to learn more about you. You want to put your best foot forward and make the investment to have this video done right. It takes a special talent to light, film, and edit a high quality video. There are so many details that go into a production that you may not realize, and the details are what make the video really pop.

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