Let's be thankful for 5-star service!


Thanksgiving is at our door step once again and it’s time to reflect on what we’re grateful for and give thanks. We are all thankful for the obvious things – e.g., good health, family, friends, a roof over our heads, etc. 

But what about thinking about -- and showing some appreciation for -- the person at a retail store that actually knows a little something about the product they are selling… Like what aisle the item you are looking for might be in?

The big hardware stores are huge and let’s face it, a person could easily get lost! In today’s post-COVID world it’s hard to find people to work, let alone do a good job with the work they’ve been hired for.

With this in mind, I’m thankful for the people you run into during these still-challenging times who really care about what they’re doing and are genuinely interested in making the lives of others just a little easier, despite the stress and strain in the air of late. I was so impressed one day at Lowe’s, recently, when I asked a clerk where I could find rain gutters. You can imagine my surprise when he said “follow me!” Not only did he take me to where the gutters were, he then proceeded to demonstrate how to go about installing them!

His name was Joe – a real “five star guy” – and I told him so.

When you experience your own “five star” person, make sure to tell them how much you appreciate their service. Side note: because of Joe, Lowe’s is now the first place I go to when I’m searching for hardware, etc. Good service equals good business.

Thanks for listening. And Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Paul

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