Our team's wishes for 2022!


As we conclude this second pandemic-crazy year, we thought we'd do something a little different with our December blog post to ring out the old year and welcome the new one: We posed a simple question to our team members' -- "What are your hopes for 2022?" The results are posted below. With luck, many of them will come true. (And speaking of wishes, we would only add that all of us here at Cowley hope your wishes and dreams come true to in '22!)

Paul's wishes...

My hope for 2022 is that people will settle down and take a minute to put others before self. Let's have a moratorium on anger and  start showing some love.

Gail's wishes...

So, I always think fondly of a new year in that it’s a fresh start, full of anticipating great things to happen, both personally and with the Agency. For 2022, I’m hoping for:

  • balance, harmony and great success as we look to another year of remote working.
  • continued great physical health, eating well and exercising regularly.
  • tapping in deeper to the soul and spirit part of me, taking time to come to the quiet.
  • meeting new people who’s lives I can connect with and enhance.
  • making the time to spend with family and friends.
  • leading the agency well.

Chris's wishes...

My main hope for 2022 is that COVID will be under control. There was a two-week window or so that we were able to go out without masks…and it was quite the feeling. We have lots of plans that we have been putting on hold. It would be great to do some of them in a safe climate. Another hope would be to continue to get great sites to work on. We did a lot of good ones in 2021 (the Shineman Foundation, Dermody, Burke & Brown, etc.) and it would be great to continue with that.

The first part of 2022 is already full of interesting things to work on. Having a steady stream of new sites to develop in 2022 would be great for me and the agency.

Mary's wishes...

A new year opens the door to new opportunities and happiness. This is why our life and the people who make it awesome are celebrated. In everything we do, my coworkers and I form a good team. I hope that in the future year they will enjoy every success. Not all employees are so fortunate to work for owners like mine. I hope they achieve their goals more quickly than ever in the new year. I’m happy because throughout both difficult and good moments, I’ve had the support of my family. So my hope for them is to be the best version of themselves, to be happy, and that they see their dreams and aspirations come true. 365 fresh new possibilities are meant for a new year. Take advantage of it as much as possible! Happy New Year!

John's wishes...

On a professional level, I hope my teammates and I will continue to have client-provided opportunities to do what we do (and enjoy doing) best -- which is coming up with creative ways to solve communicaions and other problems with creativity, technology, and other tools that have genuine value to those who entrust their business to us. In the personal sphere, I hope (as all people do) that my loved ones and friends may enjoy a year marked by good health, happy occassions, rich/meaningful/soul-enriching endeavors, and good fortune in its many forms.

Globally (and noting that the horse has largely left the barn on this one!), I hope we somehow find a way to see the pandemic as an impetus to come together rather than cause to turn against one another; I hope that prosperity, opportunity, justice, and our world's finite resources will somehow come to be distributed more equitably; and I hope we act in time to turn the tide on climate change before there is literally no turning back for future generations. (A lot to ask of a year, I know -- but since I was asked!) 

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