m-tip 6: Add strength and impact to your messaging by establishing an emotional connection!


Emotion remains a strong motivator in marketing, regardless of what product or service you're promoting.

Given that emotionally-engaged customers spend up to two times more than customers without an emotional connection to your business, it’s essential to think outside the box for ways to incorporate human feeling into your messaging. (And that's true whether you're promoting new cars, toothpaste, cookware, or industrial laundry equipment!) Looking for a compelling visual? Babies, dogs, cats, exotic destinations, and (sigh) sex appeal continue to attract eyeballs as they always have. (If you employ them, just be sure they're somehow relevant to your offering.) Or, as another example, make sure slogan or tagline builds on or speaks to a shared human experience that both connects to your audience AND is crafted to make it memorable. Consider examples like Coca Cola’s Open happiness. (Who doesn't want to be happy?) Corona’s Find your beach. (Everyone loves a sandy shoreline!) Or our personal favorite, Cowley's ...to be clear. (Who doesn't want to be understood?)

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