m-tip 7: Consider a sonic signature to forge an audible connection.


A company’s sonic logo can strengthen brand recognition and forge an audible connection to your customers.

Consider the iconic sounds affiliated with top companies: the tymponic signature that accompanies the Netflix logo animation; the SFX you hear when turning your key in the ignition of your car; or (an old favorite of ours in the graphic design trade!) the sound of an Apple Macintosh booting up. These brands and so very many others have all leveraged sound logos (and an important human "sense") to forge additional connections with their customers. Not only do they tap into our emotions -- hopefully, in a comforting vs. annoying way -- sonic brand marks can create a unique identifier that cuts across markets, countries, and languages in our increasingly global world.

With deep experience in branding -- and a deep bench of resources to draw on to compose/design a sonic logo that's just right for your organization -- consider Cowley an ally if ever you'd like to head in this direction!

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