m-tip 8: Is it time to tap the power of influencer marketing?


Breaking into the complex world of social media influencers? Here are some steps to demystify the process!

With total investment in influencer marketing set to reach billions in the coming years, it’s no wonder many in the marketing world are looking to dip their toes into this segment of the social media. While this may look like a tough nut to crack, there are steps you can take to increase your understanding of the discipline:

  1. Understand your own audience: You already know the value of knowing your customers, but it's especially important that you also know their interests -- as these will be the channels (for lack of a better word) to reach them through influencers.
  2. Key into influencers’ existing partnerships: Once you know your own audience's interests, begin to ID influencers who have credibility (aka: a sizeable, loyal, and engaged following) and specifically ,the kinds of products they’re already promoting. Is there overlap between their promoted products and your industry? Would your product or service fit nicely into their existing portfolio of product posts they're currently sharing with your desired audience?
  3. Find shared value: Next, look to join forces with influencers in ways that are mutually beneficial. Does your product benefit them? Would a guest blog on your website help to push existing clientele their way, for a nice win/win? Building a relationship that helps you both will help establish a long-term, fruitful partnership!
  4. Conduct a search: Once you’ve identified what sort of influencer(s) you might like to enlist, consider utilizing any of many influencer marketplaces or other tools to make contact with suitable candidates. These include Collabstr and Magiclinks, among many others.
  5. Do your due diligence on the contract side: There are a multitude of services, influencer best-practices, and even templates you can use for guidance in this regard.

For help dipping your toe into the world of influencer marketing -- contact Cowley!

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