Poe visits Coworks at the Tech Garden

By Mitchell Piper, Marketing Intern

On a hot humid morning in beautiful Downtown Syracuse Poe, Joe, Mitch, and Craig from Kinani Blue (@KinaniBlue) took a stroll down to the Tech Garden. I know what you’re thinking, but Kinani Blue isn’t a Hawaiian surfing company. It is actually a company that specializes in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs utilize social media marketing.

On the way down Joe couldn’t resist but to stop into Café Kubal to get a chai. This was also a great opportunity for Poe to visit his old friends. He startled one of the baristas so Joe tipped generously.

At The Tech Garden

The Tech Garden is located right in the heart of Downtown on Harrison Street. Coworks (@SyracuseCoworks) was created by 40below (@40belowsyracuse) which is an initiative of CenterstateCEO (@CenterstateCEO). Its main objective is to connect young professionals that have a common interest in revitalizing Central Upstate New York.

We walked around the outside of the building (used to be a parking garage but collapased) for a few minutes then PoeCoworks tour wanted to go inside (he was too hot). Craig led the way and explained all the benefits of Coworks. Membership includes access to a conference room, multi-media auditorium, office space, and kitchen just to name a few.

Poe was hoping to meet Chris Fowler and Jamie White of Syracuse First (@SyracuseFirst) but they were busy prepping the New Economy Summit at the Genesee Grande which was a great success. Poe couldn’t attend but is looking forward to next year! Poe was excited to see where Solon Quinn Studios (@SQstudiosLLC) is located which is a video production firm in Syracuse.

Coworks Tour

Craig then led us into Coworks office space. Coworks is a collaborative community workspace. Any person that needs a place to work can be accommodated whether it’s for one day or you may choose a monthly plan. Either way some pretty innovative people share the space.

Poe had the pleasure of meeting Amy Wyant from Tech Geekery (@TechGeekery). Tech Geekery is an IT consulting and training company that specializes in helping small to medium sized companies. Amy was busy working on the promo for her colleague, Michael Wyant Jr., book launch (The Sundering: Immortal Friday, June 14th 7:30 at The Palace Theater) when Poe interrupted.

Poe then ran over to bother Brian Caufield from Folksware (@bcaufield). Folksware is a company dedicated to the creation of software systems that solve business problems. Poe was fascinated by his workspace named the Ergotron.  He then went over and sat at Craig’s desk and wouldn’t get up. Craig let him know that he can rent his own office space for $225.00 a month if he really wanted to stay. That is a pretty great deal considering you are provided with free Kubal coffee daily. Poe was disappointed to learn that there are people who try to sneak in and steal Coworks coffee. After a couple minutes Joe managed to calm him down.

Innovative Atmosphere

Coworks artwork At the Tech Garden you can almost feel the innovation happening around you. The hallways are lined with inspirational artwork from local artists. This theme is carried into Coworks. There is artwork hanging from the walls by JMP Designs (@JMP_Design), and all the walls are painted with dry erase paint.  Poe was a fan of the coworks wish list on the wall. Even James Domroe (@james_domroe )has been known to work there (We Are Syracuse Video).

The trip to Coworks and the Tech Garden was a success. Poe definitely thinks Coworks is a fun, creative, professional space to work in.  If you or someone you know has a small business and is in need of an affordable workspace Coworks should definitely be considered.

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