Poe visits Destiny USA

By Mitchell Piper, Marketing Intern 

Last week Poe started feeling self-conscious about only having one outfit and decided that he needed to expand his wardrobe. Naturally he decided to go to Destiny USA (@destinyusa) and had to drag Joe, Mitch, and Gail along with him.

We were lucky enough to get a full tour from Juliet Maloff the PR coordinator who is a recent graduate from Syracuse University. She was nice enough to tell us more about the stores, restaurants, and future expansion plans. Not to mention break the ice and introduce Poe to a few skeptical store managers.

The Tour Begins

Poe at WonderworksThe first stop on the tour was WonderWorks (@WonderWorksDUSA). Poe was eager to try the ropes course but unfortunately he wasn’t tall enough. We ventured inside and met with some of the employees. Even though it was 11 o’ clock on a Wednesday you could see how fun and passionate all the employees were. Poe played a few games with the workers and he even laid on a bed of nails with Joe.

After about a half hour of fun Juliet brought us over to Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill. Poe, with a boost up, managed to ride the bull. He wanted to have a couple of drinks at the brand new bar but Gail reminded him it wasn’t even noon yet.

Poe, still sober, decided he wanted to check out some electronics, so we stopped by the Apple store and took a look around. Unfortunately he was a little short on cash and Joe didn’t feel comfortable lending him the money for a new iPad.

Afternoon of Fun

A disappointed Poe bounced back when he found the Go-Karts at Pole Position Raceway (@racep2r). He wanted to race but there were no takers. He was happy that he got to at least sit in one of the Go-Karts.

Feeling hungry, Poe wanted to explore some more dining options. He checked out Cantina Laredo (@CantinaLaredo1) an awesome Mexican restaurant. He also checked out another local favorite P.F. Chang's (@PFChangs).

Poe at Gordon BierschJuliet suggested Gordon Biersch (@Gordon_Biersch). Gordon Biersch is a really interesting restaurant that brews beer right in the restaurant. They have the fermentation tanks behind glass as the backdrop. Poe invited Juliet to sit with him as they admired the restaurant. Poe really enjoyed the atmosphere and friendly staff.

Shortly after leaving Poe pointed out the AmeriCU ATM. As he was getting money out he told Juliet about all the work Cowley had done for them.

Joe wanted to swing by the movie theater to check out if there were any good new movies. Poe explained that Iron Man 3 apparently had some great reviews. Poe could barely contain his excitement when he learned about the construction of a new IMAX 3D theater, and can’t wait to watch a movie there.   

Family Reunion

Poe had heard a rumor that his cousins were at the mall too. He just couldn’t leave without seeing them. We ran down to My Favorite Sports Store. Poe made Mitch and Juliet awkwardly ask the manager where they were. After a little searching there was a small family reunion.

As we continued walking Juliet spotted some free samples at Great American Cookies. There was no way that Poe was going to pass up that opportunity. He even grabbed a few extra when no one was looking.

The trip to Destiny USA was a great experience. Thanks again to Juliet and also to Sara Wallace who helped set up the whole tour. There have been so many changes since the old Carousel Mall. There are many more entertainment and dining options for all ages to enjoy. Poe is excited about the changes and may have to take another trip back when more stores have opened!

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